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Online Members
You can login to LensWork Online by clicking on this link. The login to the left is for Subscription Management and/or Renewals only. Please note that If this is your first time using our new login portal for LensWork Online, you will be asked to setup a new password.

Please note that it is not necessary to login in order to renew. You can use your browser "back" button and renew from the first page. The system will recognize you from your email address and/or your mailing address.

Address Changes
Please login using either your email and password, or you can use your zip code and the renewal code # from the label of your last issue received. Once your are logged in, you can either renew your subscription(s) or change your address.

If you just need to update your credit card information for your auto-renewal subscription(s), please email us at customerservice@lenswork.com or call our office at 800-659-2130 (USA) or 360-588-1343 (non-USA). Thanks!